HERA Arms 30 Round Magazines Featured


Hera H3T Polymer Magazine 30 Round with transparent Frame.

Polymer 30-round 5.56x45mm NATO magazines for AR-15/M16 platform weapons. The window on the H3T magazine is positioned along the rear spine of the magazine, allowing the operator to visually identify the approximate number of rounds remaining while the weapon is in use.

The H3T has a fiberglass filled polyamide body with an anti-tilt follower. The round-count window on the H3T version is made out of a transparent and 5% tinted polycarbonate. The window is an over molded part to increase the strength and stability of the construction. The spring is made out of spring steel and pre-coated for rust protection. The inside of the magazine is made out of a glass-polished mold to provide a smooth travel for the follower. The magazine features an easily removable floor plate for cleaning and maintenance.Available in Black, Olive Drab (OD) and Flat Dark Earth (FDE).

Check your local laws regarding magazine limits.

HERA Arms Multi Purpose Safety Selector Featured

Multi Purpose Safety Selector (MPSS)

A new innovation to the AR15 world is here! The MPSS, Multi Purpose Safety Selector, introduces a dual purpose safety bolt as well as 5 interchangeable polymer switches in 3 colors; for a total of 15 switches, giving almost endless configuration.

​The dual purpose safety bolt may be used in a 45° or 90° fire mode. By easily rotating the bolt 180° you can choose between standard or a short switch throw.

​Each Polymer switch comes in 5 various lengths and sizes as well as in Black, Flat Dark Earth and Green to assist the shooter in finding the perfect combination.

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HERA Arms AR-15 Key Mod Hand Guards Featured

Hera Integrated Rail System with Key Mod. Super Light weight!

The HERA Arms Key Mod is a modern, AR-15 handguard made from high-quality aluminium and is built to handle the hardest use and abuse of tactical and competitive shooting. The Key Mod rail is CNC milled from aluminium alloy and hard coated anodized for added strength. Available in lengths of 12" and 15". The Key Mod rail comes with his own barrel nut where the Handguard is clamp mounted with 3 screws for additional strength. The anti-turn millings prevent turning even at the hardest use. Black color and super light weight!


HERA Arms Side Folding Unit Featured

Side Folding Unit (SFU)

The SFU, Side Folding Unit, has gained its popularity through our Triarii pistol system and through various agency and customer requests; the HERA Team has engineered a slim line folding adapter. Using high speed CNC milling we are able to offer a sleek and user friendly adapter for various systems that use the AR15 style buffer tube assembly.

This item will work on Shot guns, AK-47 varients, HERA Arms Triarii and CPE stocks. Not to be used with standard AR-15 rifles with buffer and spring in the receiver extension tube.

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HERA Arms Triarii Stock Conversions Featured


The new world of pistol carbine conversions is here. HERA Arms announces the new Triarii. The Triarii has been designed to meet the functions and needs of today's law enforcement/military, agency and sport users. A click and fire system has been developed to ensure that response time is reduced and maximum capability is given.


HERA Arms Linear Compensators Featured


Hera Arms Linear Compensators and Flash Hiders.

.223 / 5.56 Linear Compensator is excellent on short barreled rifles. The inside design with 12 separate expansion chambers leads blast and noise straight forward to increase shooting comfort and reduce noise at the shooters ears.

Available with ½ x 28, M14x1 and M15x1 threads. Several different shapes and sizes are available.

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