LAN World Inc. started in March 2003 in Salt Lake City, Utah by Chris Bieling, founder and President. The company started out as a provider of California compliant firearms, partnering with the producer of the 1st California compliant parts kits for AR-15 style firearms. LAN World quickly grew into one of the largest distributors for almost every major manufacturer of California compliant firearms and products. California firearms customers have consistently relied on LAN World's superior customer service and reliability that continues to this day. LAN World still holds and values these relationships.

LAN World's motto of "We cater to California and the rest of the free world" quickly became a popular slogan. Distributing to California helped secure the branding and reputation of always doing the right thing for the shooting community. At the 2012 SHOT show in Las Vegas, Nevada, LAN World Inc. was presented with the "California Distributor of the Year Award" as well as the "One in a Million" award from Stag Arms.

LAN World also caters to the Law Enforcement community and is currently the Law Enforcement Distributor for DPMS for the Western Region of the United States as well as Stag Arms and other manufactures. LAN World supports the police FOP members and offers discounts to active police officers as well as active military personal. LAN World helps those that help us. Our business provides firearms to police agencies across America as well as individual officer purchases on and off duty. LAN World has provided firearms to police departments, correctional facilities and government agencies and is constantly working on quotations for new departments.

Pod QuadWe are the co-holder of the patent for the POD QUAD which is an AR-15 mounted quad rail system with integrated bi-pod legs. In dealing with the law enforcement community we designed a drop in rail system where agencies can upgrade their current AR-15 rifles with a quad rail platform plus the benefits of a bi-pod, with flush stowed legs. The POD QUAD allows for vehicle storage rack use with no interference from the bi-pod or the legs. The POD QUAD is available to the consumer market and has been met with very positive feedback due to the superior quality and design as well as being 100% made in America. Companies like Stag Arms carry the POD QUAD.



In collaboration with Stag Arms, LAN World created and is the manufacturer of the "2012 Executive Survivors kit". This kit is featured in the October 2012 issue of Guns and Ammo magazine and the Guns and Ammo book of the AR. The NRA called the 2012 kit the most unique item at the 2012 SHOT show. Marketing in line with the Mayan end of the world 2012 theory the 2012 survivor's kit is marketed toward the consumer who wants a well thought out kit that is high in quality, value and is functional. The 2012 kit has been met with very favorable reviews and is in several shooting publications.



LAN World has a global presence and is the US importer for HERA-ARMS, Germany. HERA manufactures high quality aftermarket parts for varies platforms. They make stock kits for the HK SL8 rifle and the HK USC rifle. HERA also makes pistol stock conversions such as the CPE stock for 1911 pistols and the multi platform Triarii stock. HERA is also making high end AR-15 rifle accessories such as upper receivers, free floating hard guards, and muzzle compensators to name a few. The quality, fit and finish of HERA products is second to none and their products fit in line with LAN Worlds passion for high quality, unique items for the firearm community. If you have a product that you would like to import and distribute to the US market, we would like to hear from you.

In keeping with our tradition of setting the pace for the future LAN World had opened its first product showroom in Salt Lake City, Utah. Soliciting the help of a design team LAN World created a very modern, edgy feeling space. LAN World wanted to change the "feel" of the typical gun store and change up the industry by creating a trendy, intimate feeling showroom that offered the "white glove" type of customer service that is typically reserved for the finest of retailers. Having a showroom allowed customers to see, hands on, the unique product line up of products from Packing in Pink, Hera-Arms, Oakley SI and many more. Customers that arrived in the showroom immediately felt like they were in a modern art gallery and not in a gun store. Having the finest and more unique firearms accessories on display was just another way that LAN World sets itself apart.

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LAN World demands the best customer experience and it was not uncommon to have a personal sales professional spend over an hour with a guest. Feedback was overwhelming in support of this new vision of firearm retail space and LAN World hopes to open another location to help share their vision of how the firearm retail experience should be.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us at 801-878-4880

For additional information you can see us on Ammoland

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